Cleveland Police collected £300,000 from speeding fines issued to motorists in the last year.

The figure for 2022/23 was revealed by Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner Steve Turner.

Middlesbrough councillor Jim Platt had asked Mr Turner how much money in fines was being generated by Cleveland Police and what proportion was being used to pay for the likes of speed awareness courses, along with any resources committed by police to make roads safer.

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The Conservative PCC said the money received went back into the administration of fines, while his own office funded road safety projects, with a “long and varied” list of work being done in this area, including educating young people about the dangers and providing information and support to people whose loved ones were victims of serious road accidents.

Mr Turner said: “We have to reduce speeding and this is something I talk to a lot of councillors about.

“I would actively encourage councillors to work with their PCSOs and the community speedwatch programme which enables communities to highlight the issue.”

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Mr Turner, who was speaking at a meeting of the Cleveland Police & Crime Panel, which scrutinises his work, also told Cllr Platt the force deployed a mobile speed camera van and was actively tackling the issue when particular streets and roads that were a concern were highlighted.

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police added that 9,009 people were dealt with for speeding offences between April last year and March this year.

From this, 5,351 attended a driver awareness course – offered as an alternative to points on the licence.

The force also received funding from the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme to pay for education, engagement and enforcement initiatives in respect of speeding and road safety.