There were reports last night of a large police presence at the scene of a traffic incident on Durham Road, Stockton.

Pictures from the scene show a car badly damaged next to a bollard.

Officers can be seen inspecting the car and the surroundings.

The safety bags in the car have been deployed and there is extensive damage on the passenger side door.

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One witness said that they had heard the screech of tyres and looked out the window to see a group wearing balaclavas and waving machetes.

The Northern Echo: It happened on Durham Road, Stockton

They said: "I heard a screech of tyres and then a lot of commotion, I looked out my bedroom window and seen several people get out of the vehicle wearing balaclavas and waving weapons around, they looked to be machetes.

The Northern Echo: The car was badly damaged in the incident

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"They jumped in another 4x4 vehicle and did a few laps of the block before taking off.

"I later saw the Police recover some sleeves for the weapons off the floor outside the shop."

We have contacted Cleveland Police for further information.