Susanna Reid has returned to Good Morning Britain (GMB) today after missing two shows due to an issue with her vocal cords which caused her to lose her voice.

Reid was due to appear on GMB last Wednesday, following the National Television Awards (NTAs) but was replaced by Charlotte Hawkins because she had lost her voice.

She appeared briefly on GMB last Wednesday to apologise for not being on air.

Reid said: "I'm fine, I just can't speak.

"I don't know (what happened). I don't know whether it was the heatwave inflaming my vocal chords?

"It's funny because it was the NTAs last night and when I got in my cab to leave, the driver said you're the very first person to leave the NTAs, you're obviously not partying!?

"And of course, I don't drink, I don't smoke, so there's absolutely no reason I can understand that I've lost my voice."

"I'm really sorry, I can only apologise but thank you Charlotte for stepping in I did not to inflict this on our wonderful viewers for three hours."

Susanna Reid returns to GMB after absence

Reid was due to return on yesterday's GMB show but once again was forced to pull out because her vocal cords were still not quite right. 

Issuing a health update on X (formerly Twitter) yesterday, she said: "Sorry not to be back @gmb with you all in the morning.

"Vocal cords still affected. Recovering with specialist treatment and brilliant tips from viewers. See you very soon!"

But Reid returned to GMB today, joining Ed Balls behind the desk.

In a post on X, she said: "BACK! Voice recovering."

Fans were thrilled to see Reid back on air this morning taking to social media to share their praise for the presenter and wishing her a full recovery. 

One fan on X said: "Great to hear you're back, Susanna! Take it easy and give that voice a pat on the back for its hard work. We missed you on air and looking forward to your full return!"

Another person added: "welcome back Susanna great to see you again on our screens in the mornings."

While a third fan commented: "Welcome back,looking great and sounding lovely."