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Defendant appears to have spurned chance offered by judge in Durham

The Northern Echo:

A drunken young troublemaker who blighted his community with his anti-social behaviour appeared to have spurned a judge’s chance to mend his ways.

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Why are so many pubs named William IV, the king of beer drinkers?

The Northern Echo: The King William IV pub in Barton, in 2009. It closed in 2015 and is now a private house

In truly some of the most bespoke content we can offer, the great Chris Lloyd delves into the history as to why King William IV has more pubs named after him than any other monarch.

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Darlington thug jailed for drunken attack on man outside The Gate

The Northern Echo: Darlingotn thug Jordan Hopps left his victim with a broken cheekbone after he atteacked him outside

Finally, here's another example of one of our many subscriber-targeted court news stories, which saw a drunken thug who broke a man’s eye socket when he punched his victim as he sat on the ground jailed.

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