Hundreds of people packed into Rainton Arena for Durham Comic Con 2023.

Hosted by Unleashed Events yesterday (Sunday, September 10), the day brought together fans of everything from comic books to films and TV shows, giving them the chance to dress up and meet others with similar interests.

Inside, stalls filled the hall selling everything from food, toys and memorabilia, stuffed animals, comic books and cards and much more.

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The Northern Echo: Attendees of Durham Comic Con 2023.

Attendees buzzed around the room, snapping pictures of themselves in their costumes and asking to photograph others who also took the time to dress up.

There was also a cosplay competition, with prizes given out to the best dressed towards the end of the day.

The Northern Echo: The main hall.

The Northern Echo: Memorabilia at one of the stalls.

Despite the warm weather inside and outside the venue, those who took time to cosplay were dedicated to their characters and braved the heat.

Friends Rei, Arlo and Aria attended Durham's Rainton Arena together and chose detailed costumes, wigs and props based on their favourite anime and video game characters. 

The Northern Echo: Friends Rei, Arlo and Aria.Friends Rei, Arlo and Aria. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

The Northern Echo: Comic books for sale at the event.Comic books for sale at the event. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Hazza Harrison was another cosplayer who joined in with the fun, dressing as the famous Batman villain The Joker, complete with his own Joker cards as props.

The Northern Echo: Hazza Harrison.Hazza Harrison. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

His daughter was also dressed up as fellow Batman series character Harley Quinn.

Hazza said this was his first comic con in three years.

"This is our first comic con back since lockdown in 2020", he said.

"It's really nice to get back out and do things like this again."

Duo Jareth Dudley and Rose Barton also arrived at the event together, complete with props including a lightsaber and fake gun.

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The Northern Echo: Jareth Dudley and Rose Barton.Jareth Dudley and Rose Barton. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

The pair admitted they have been to a comic-con before in Newcastle, but are very eager to travel to other conventions in places like Birmingham and London.