A flight full of returning holidaymakers was this morning diverted away from a North East airport, and another flight cancelled, after heavily foggy conditions. 

The Ryanair flight from Palma to Teesside International Airport was diverted to Newcastle this morning (Friday, September 8). 

Flight tracking data shows that the commercial aircraft, full of people returning from spending time on holiday in Mallorca, Spain, took off at 6:11 am this morning.

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The Northern Echo:

But rather than landing at Teesside Airport at 8.05 am, as scheduled, it continued north, where visibility was higher, and landed at Newcastle Airport at 7:43 am around 20 minutes ahead of schedule. 

Another flight, due to go to Palma, was also cancelled due to the low cloud in the region this morning. 

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Teesside and Teesdale were overtaken with low clouds early this morning, which has since cleared. 

A Teesside International Airport spokesperson said: "A Ryanair flight from Palma was unable to land at its scheduled time due to the fog at Teesside this morning and was diverted to another airport.

"Passengers on the flight have been transferred back to Teesside by coach.  Unfortunately, the outbound flight to Palma was cancelled. Ryanair are in touch with their passengers on the flight cancellation."