The North East is home to a wide variety of hilarious place names which can add thousands of pounds to house prices.

A recent map highlighted the whole range of names across the country.

In the North East we have some that stand out even among Britain’s fruitier place names.

We have compiled a list of seven of our most memorable locations.

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If you think we’ve missed out on any essential names please get in touch or leave a comment.

1. Coxhoe, Durham

The Northern Echo: Coxhoe Club

2. Wetwang, Driffield

The Northern Echo:

3. Shitlington Hall, Northumberland

4. Busty Bridge, Durham

The Northern Echo:

5. Cock Lane, Darlo

The Northern Echo:

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6. Low Bell End Farm, Pickering

The Northern Echo:

7. Oldman Bottom, Northumberland