In an effort to stop food waste, many eateries have begun packaging excess foods at the end of the day in Too Good To Go bundles.

This week I decided to see what Toby Carvery would provide for just £3.29.

The Darlington branch is so popular that the first time I attempted to reserve some food my order was cancelled because there was none left.

On Thursday (August 31) I was finally successful in securing a roast dinner that would have gone to waste.

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Entering the building I was forced to admit that I had never been to a Toby Carvery before.

As I walked towards the buffet one staff member audibly said: "We outed him there."

There was a small queue patiently waiting for a turn at what was left of a large buffet.

I opted for some turkey, a sausage, carrots, roast potatoes, cauliflower and a healthy portion of gravy.

I carefully packed my tray to get some of everything.

The Northern Echo: Clearly excited for the meal

As soon as my food was sealed up I was straight out of the building and into the car.

I didn't want my food to lose its heat before I could enjoy it.

The Northern Echo: The full spread

When I was finally settled down at the kitchen table there was no time to waste.

The gravy had slightly spilled over the side during the drive home but otherwise, it was a sight to behold.

I demolished the meal in a little under 10 minutes but thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Northern Echo: Action shot of the meal

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The sausage was succulent and the gravy coating the vegetables was delicious.

The Northern Echo: Unable to resist a bite

For just over £3 the meal was far nicer than I had expected and I would definitely go again.

The whole experience was heartwarming and the staff made me feel welcome.