Amazing footage of a dolphin 'spitting out' a fish in footage captured by a North East vlogger has been released. 

Daniel Burlinson, 33, from Sunderland, was paddleboarding with friends in the sea just off Roker Beach on Thursday (August 31) when he spotted a dolphin heading towards them. 

Excited at seeing the marine creature, the 33-year-old vlogger, who runs his page DannyVlogs, got his camera out and phoned the dolphin swimming around the bay. 

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But what he captured next shocked him and his friends, and countless other people since the footage was taken. 

As the dolphin came close to the group, Daniel managed to video the animal seemingly 'spitting out' a massive fish that flies out of its mouth. 

The Northern Echo: The fish leaps out of the dolphins' mouthThe fish leaps out of the dolphins' mouth (Image: DANNYVLOGS)

In the footage, which has been shared and reacted to heavily online, the dolphin can be seen regurgitating the fish - while the paddleboarders watch on. 

Here's the footage below:

After sharing the footage on his page and several community boards, the video has been reacted to and commented on by thousands of people. 

Speaking to The Northern Echo about the video, Mr Burlinson said: "I run a Facebook page called DannyVlogs which is focused around travelling and vlogging videos.

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"Recently, me and a couple of friends decided to take up a new hobby and bought paddleboards, we have been out in the waters at Roker Beach two or three times now.

"Yesterday, we noticed some big splashes in the water just off the marina.

"We decided to move in closer to investigate and to our surprise, it was a dolphin.

"We couldn't believe our eyes at what happened next." 

You can see the video on DannyVlogs' page here.