A County Durham family had a bank holiday weekend 'nightmare' during their trip to a North East beauty spot.

Faye Cuthbertson, 30, decided to go to visit her parents with her 1-year-old Pippa and twin brother Patrick.

They spent most of the day (Aug 28) on Beadnell Beach enjoying a paddle before Michael Callan collapsed from his beach chair.

In a moment of terror 'time stood still' as Faye began to scream for help.

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Faye recalled how people across the beach 'rushed to help' as she ran with her twin, Patrick, to get a defibrillator.

Her mum began CPR as the vital machine was found.

Faye, from Spennymoor, said: "My mum and dad have a caravan at Bamburgh.

"They are up there all the time, they live in Bishop Auckland usually.

"My dad absolutely loves it at Beadnell. We decided to go down to the beach for my daughter.

"We were there for a few hours, the sun was out and my dad had his top off.

"We had a bit of a paddle and then we walked back up the beach at dinner time for a picnic.

The Northern Echo: Left to right: Faye, Patrick, Angela, Pippa, Michael

"My dad settled into a beach chair, I remember asking him for something and then he fell from the chair onto the floor.

"It didn't feel real. I didn't think it could have just happened.

"We quickly realised there was something majorly wrong.

"I started screaming, I must have looked like a crazy lady.

"My brother called an ambulance straight away and then we ran to get the defibrillator.

"We found one at the public toilets and then we ran back to dad.

"My mum put it on him straight away. We have been told that without that he wouldn't be here."

Faye described the horror of the moment when it happened.

She said: "It felt like time stood still. 

"You hear about horrible situations like this but they never happen to your family.

"It was just horrendous.

"We can't thank the people who came to help enough.

"Loads of them rushed to help."

The Northern Echo: Michael Callan and his grandchild

Michael is still in hospital recovering but he has made a miraculous recovery. 

His family want to share their story to emphasise the importance of first aid training and defibrillators.

Faye added: "Since posting thanks to people who helped on Facebook so many people have got in touch saying that they have signed up for first aid courses.

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"It was such a normal family day that everyone can relate to.

"I think that hammers home to everyone how important defibrillators are.

"It doesn't bear thinking about what would have happened without one there."