Users of the messaging app Snapchat noticed an odd event concerning the service's My AI chatbot last night (Tuesday, August 15).

The My AI chatbot was introduced as a feature on the app earlier this year and is designed to respond to users' messages like a friend.

However, users noticed the chatbot posted its own story for the first time last night and stopped responding to people's messages briefly.

The story only lasted for one second and showed a flat beige area with the top quarter of the screen another light flat colour, Mashable reported.

'What does this mean?'

Snapchat users were quite confused by why the AI chatbot had posted the story and some appeared to be quite concerned.

One person tweeted: "WTF MY SNAPCHAT AI JUST POSTED A STORY WHAT DOES THIS MEAN" and showed a screen recording of the story.

Another shared: "My ai bot posted a snap story on Snapchat, which I thought was weird, so I asked it, did you post a story just now? No shot, it left me on read".

One person showed some screenshots of them asking the AI chatbot afterwards why it had posted the story and said: "I asked my Snapchat AI bot to see what was on their story and this is what they said, first it was a dog but it wasn't, it was a beige wall and a purple ceiling and now I'm confused and scared with AI’s".

Some users theorised the Snapchat story was of a wall and ceiling, with one person posting on Twitter: "Not ‘My AI’ on @Snapchat posting a story and it’s a video too. How does an ‘artificial intelligence bot’ post a story of a video that appears to be of a wall and ceiling too?? #myai #snapchat".

One person also commented: "Happy I got banned on Snapchat those AI bots never sat right with me".

Another person said: "Now hold up. You're telling me the Snapchat ai bot I message is a PERSON #snapchatexposed".

Newsquest contacted Snapchat for comment, with a spokesperson saying: "My AI experienced a temporary outage that's now resolved."