If you've been trying to work out today's Connections but are struggling to crack the answers, then we may be able to help with that. 

The aim of the game is to find out what the four categories of the day are based on how words link together, but you only get four attempts to crack it.

Connections was made by New York Times, which also owns the viral word guessing game Wordle

If you want to play Connections, you can try it out now via the website.

How to play Connections 

The categories have specific topics and there is only one solution for each puzzle, so you need to be careful on words that look like they can fit into more than one. 

As you work out categories, they will automatically be put into coloured groups that each offer different levels of gameplay. 

The four colours are yellow, green, blue and purple, yellow is straightforward whilst purple is tricky.

To play the game, you select four words you think have a connection and hit submit. 

If you are correct they will automatically go into a coloured category, if not you will lose a life. 

If you are close to the answer you may get a message saying 'one off' however you will not be told the word.

The Northern Echo:

Hints for today's Connections Wednesday, August 16 

If you're still struggling to save your streak, then don't scroll down yet, as we have some hints for today's connections. 

Without telling you what colour each category is, here are today's hints.

  1. Think of amounts
  2. Four popular food items for a specific meal
  3. Think of art
  4. Comes in 12




Answers for today's Connections, Wednesday, August 16

If you have given up on today's game, then we can save the day, but if you want to keep guessing, then look away now. 




Yellow category: Time Periods- Century, Decade, Millennium Year

Green category: Breakfast Foods- Cereal, Omelet, Pancake, Waffle

Blue category: Painters- Bacon, Close, Munch, Whistley

Purple category: One In A Dozen- Egg, Juror, Month Rose


Have you tried Connections? Let us know how well you did.