A part of the North East is set to become the latest jewel in the Monopoly crown – after it beat other notable natural landmarks from across the world, including the Amazon Rain Forest, the Serengeti, and the Grand Canyon.

The Yorkshire Dales, one of the best national parks the north can offer up, will feature on a Monopoly board, the board game manufacturer has announced.

The next edition of the board could feature several famous Yorkshire spectales – such as Bolton Abbey, Skipton Castle, and Malham Cove.

A spokesperson for Winning Moves/Hasbro, Monopoly’s parent company, said that the iconic landmarks and high tourist appeal of the Yorkshire Dales had contributed to its selection for the game.

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Many municipalities in Yorkshire and the North East have already received the Monopoly treatment, including Harrogate, Leeds, York, and Durham.

John Keen-Tomlinson from Winning Moves, said: "We are very excited by the challenge of putting this unique board for the Yorkshire Dales together.

He added: "With crown jewels like Bolton Abbey and Malham Cove we expect to be wonderfully spoiled for choices producing this edition."

With more than 30 Yorkshire landmarks set to replace the classic edition’s London streets, the public is lending a helping hand to put together the Yorkshire Dales board.

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Nominations for landmarks, customised cards and tokens featured in the game would close on 31 August, a spokesperson said.

Members of the public will be invited to have their say on what should be included on the board itself and come up with ideas for tokens - a pair of walking boots in place of the boot, for example, or a Land Rover instead of a racing car.

Monopoly was first released in the US in 1935, and since there, there are more than 300 editions of the iconic board game. It is expected the Yorkshire Dales version will hit the markets from May 2024.