THE latest technology for use in hip and knee surgery will be unveiled at Woodlands Hospital, Darlington, at an Open Evening on August 30, at 6pm.

Consultant trauma & orthopaedic surgeons, Mr Craig White and Mr Raghavendra Sidaginamale, will be showcasing the CORI Surgical System, which promises faster and more accurate procedures, and is of particular benefit when using implants for patients with metal allergies.

The new Smith & Nephew Real Intelligence Hip and Knee Navigation robot is the only one in the North East, with Woodlands acting as a training centre for this system across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The Northern Echo: The next step forward in improved surgical proceduresThe next step forward in improved surgical procedures (Image: Woodlands Hospital)

Mr White says: “I have carried out hundreds of procedures using the robotic system, and I am very excited to have this newest one at the Woodlands.

“The CORI system is very similar in many ways, it is the next step forward in improved surgical procedures, to give our patients a better experience, much quicker recovery time, and improved outcomes.

“Use of the right implant, and the correct placement, is crucial to the success of the replacement hip and knee operations. Because this is a small, hand-held robot, it fits comfortably in the wound and thereby allows for more accuracy and delicacy to the operation.

“The new system can also model day-to-day activities for patients, so we can insert custom-fitted implants for the sorts of activities they like to do, which decreases their chance of dislocation and any ensuing problems.”

The Northern Echo: Consultant trauma & orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Raghavendra SidaginamaleConsultant trauma & orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Raghavendra Sidaginamale (Image: Woodlands Hospital)

Mr White is, currently, the surgeon carrying out the most procedures of these types throughout Europe and the Middle East.

He is part of the training team for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East – regularly training other surgeons both nationally and internationally. He is also actively involved in the constant development of the system.

Further advantages of this system is that it is non-CT based, so there is much less exposure to radiation, and its mobility and much smaller footprint allows for a quicker procedure.

The aim is to have the best possible outcome for patients; quickly restoring mobility to lead a pain-free, active life. While these procedures will be of great benefit to most people requiring hip or knee surgery, they are especially beneficial to people involved in sports.

It is hoped to have a patient present at the event, who has recently undergone surgery using the CORI robot system. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, and to speak to hospital representatives from physiotherapy, nursing, and patient liaison teams.

If you would like to attend the event on Wednesday, August 30th, from 6pm - 8pm, please click here to register your place, or call and speak with Woodlands Hospital Patient Liaison Officer, Daisy Holden, on 01325 341786, or Melissa Atkinson on 01325 341784.

Complimentary light snack and refreshments will be provided.

Please click here to find out more information about the services that Mr White provides.

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