Move over Wordle, there's a new puzzle game on the block as Connections has taken over the internet. 

Created by The New York Times, Connections is set to put your brain to the test as you have to carefully categorise words. 

Although the aim of the game may sound simple, it can be a lot of tricky then it first seems as if you only have four attempts to get it right. 

So whether you've had enough of Wordle or you just want to give a new game a go, here's how to play Connections. 

How to play Connections, the New York Times games

You can play Connections via the New York Times.

The basis of the game is that you need to make four groups of linked words without making more than four mistakes. 

The categories have specific topics and there is only one solution for each puzzle, so you need to be careful on words that look like they can fit into more than one. 

As you work out categories, they will automatically be put into coloured groups that each offer different levels of gameplay. 

The four colours are yellow, green, blue and purple, yellow is straightforward whilst purple is tricky.

To play the game, you select four words you think have a connection and hit submit. 

If you are correct they will automatically go into a coloured category, if not you will lose a life. 

If you are close to the answer you may get a message saying 'one off' however you will not be told the word.

Much like Wordle, at the end of the game once you've worked out the answer you are given a picture of coloured cubes on how fair you were to the answer which you can share on social media. 

Have you tried Connections? Let us know how well you did.