DISABLED golfer Steven Hutchinson has been selected to play for Europe in the one-armed version of The Ryder Cup.

Steven, who lives at Barnard Castle, will compete in the Fightmaster Cup, in Louisville, Kentucky, on September 26.

“It’s a great honour to be selected again and I’m really looking forward to doing my best for the European team,” said 56-year-old Steven, who works part-time at Blackwell Grange Golf Club, in Darlington.

He lost the use of his right arm in a motorcycle accident in 2005, irreparably damaging the nerves connecting his arm to the spinal column.

Steven had played off a handicap of five before the accident but, as he lay in his hospital bed, he thought he’d never play the sport again.

However, he set about training himself to become left-handed in every aspect of his life and has developed into one of Europe’s finest one-handed golfers.

Europe will compete against North America in the competition which mirrors the format as The Ryder Cup.

Steven is a member of The Society of One-Armed Golfers, which was set up after the First World War to support injured soldiers who wanted to go on competing.

He played in the Fightmaster Cup in 2014 and 2016 but missed out in 2018 due to family commitments. This is the first time the contest has been held since the pandemic.

He recently competed in the World One-Armed Golf Championships, in Roganstown, Ireland, but lost to Cian Arthurs, who went on to win the tournament. He also played in the Irish Disabled Open, finishing ninth.

A crowdfunding appeal by members of Blackwell Grange Golf Club has raised nearly £2,000 towards his travel, accommodation and equipment.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve had from the members and just hope I can do them proud,” he said.

  • Anyone who wishes to make a donation should contact Steven at Blackwell Grange Golf Club on (01325) 464458.