North East popstar James Arthur has opened up on the heartbreaking reason why he was forced to wear a winter hat during a TV appearance.

The X-Factor winner, who hails from Middlesbrough, took to ITV show This Morning on Thursday (August 10) to have a catch up about his singing career with hosts Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle.

The 35-year-old, who won the ninth series of X-factor, revealed why he had opted to don a wooly beanie hat in the middle of August.

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Craig, father-of-three, revealed to the star that his little tots were buzzing over his appearance on This Morning.

"My kids are so happy that you're in here today. They said 'Dad he looks so cool these days! The hair!'" Doyle said.

However, it seems not everyone is as into James' hairdo as Craig's kids as he has received quite a few nasty comments about it.

Many internet trolls have taken to social media to poke fun out of the singer's barnet with one Twitter user writing: "What in the Lord Farquad is going on with James Arthur's hair?"

"What on earth has happened to James Arthur’s hair hahahaha," echoed a third.

Speaking on the ITV, the 'Impossible' hit-maker admitted: "I've had a lot of stick about the hair."

He went on: "That's why I thought I'd put it under the hat today so people can listen to me and not comment on the hair."

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Doyle then responded: "Now all I want to see is what's under the hat. Is it huge?"

Gesturing to the headwear, James explained: "This does contour it a little bit, it is a bit out of control at the moment."

James, who is a proud dad-of-one, went on to tell the two hosts that he is now in a far better place mentally after previously admitting he was 'riddled with anxiety' during past appearances on This Morning.

Any sort of live TV, probably because of the nature of how I came up but probably having a kid has chilled me out," he added.