Police officers have helped fulfil the dream of a man with cerebral palsy by making him an honorary officer for the day. 

Thirty-one-year-old Lance, from Catterick, has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is also visually impaired.

His condition has deteriorated over the years which means he now struggles to walk.

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At this year’s Catterick Summer fete he visited the North Yorkshire Police stand where he met PCSO Nicole Randall and PC Lisa Recchia.

He was telling the officers all about his keen interest for the police and how it's his lifelong ambition to become a police officer.

Due to his disabilities Lance will never become a police officer but that didn’t stop PCSO Randall and PC Recchia planning a very special treat for him.

As a keen police enthusiast, Lance is a big fan of the Channel 5 programme “Traffic Cops”, with Nicole and Lisa contacting one of the stars of the show, North Yorkshire Police's Sergeant Paul Cording, who featured in the latest series, to see if he would make a special trip to Catterick.

The Northern Echo: Lance with Sgt Cording and North Yorkshire Police colleagues Lance with Sgt Cording and North Yorkshire Police colleagues (Image: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE)

Last week, Sergeant Cording washed down one of our newest police BMWs, and, along with Nicole and Lisa, headed to Lance’s home.

The officers spent time answering the many questions that he had about what life is like as a police officer in North Yorkshire.

The Northern Echo: Lance at the Catterick Fete Lance at the Catterick Fete (Image: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE)

Lance was given the opportunity to sit in the traffic car and was even allowed to turn the lights and sirens on. 

Not to be out of place with the greeting, Lance was dressed for the occasion in full police uniform, and was presented with a framed North Yorkshire Police crest which is now going to take centre place in his dining room.

After the special meeting, Lance’s Mum, Marion, said: “Ever since he was a young boy, he has always had a fascination with the police and constantly told me he was going to be a police officer.

The Northern Echo: Lance with PCSO Nicole Randall and PC Lisa RecchiaLance with PCSO Nicole Randall and PC Lisa Recchia (Image: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE)

"When were out and about he uses a toy walkie talkie to report all the naughty motorists!

“My son sadly will never be able to join the police because of all his disabilities but his passion is paramount.”

Lance’s sister Jennette added: “We want to say thank you to the police as a family, we know how hard your job can be.

The Northern Echo: Lance in a police carLance in a police car (Image: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE)

“Thank you for the kindness and the joy you have brought to my brother, he really loves everyone just for being you, so thank you”.

North Yorkshire Police's head of specialist operations, Superintendent Alex Butterfield, added: “I was delighted to hear all about the visit that we made to Lance’s house.

The Northern Echo: Lance and Sgt CordingLance and Sgt Cording (Image: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE)

"Nicole, Lisa and Paul were honoured to be able to organise this special occasion for such a courageous and inspirational person.

“We strive to be at the heart of the communities that we serve, so it was our pleasure to be able to surprise this keen advocate for the force.

“From all of us here at North Yorkshire Police, Thank you for the support Lance".