A road sign leading out of Darlington has been slammed after it directs drivers to somewhere that doesn't exist.

The sign can be found on North Road leading out of the market town and locals have been branding the mistake 'absolutely shocking'.

It reads: "A167

"A1(M)  2

"N'th Aycliffe  5

"Durham   17"

The only problem is that North Aycliffe does not exist.

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The Northern Echo: The road sign which directs drivers to the fictional 'N'th Aycliffe'

One furious local said: "That's absolutely shocking. How long has it been like that?"

A source recently told the Echo that the sign, complete with posts, could cost up to £175 to replace.

Another resident said: "The number of times I have driven past that and never realised."

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Another local said: "North Aycliffe?? Where's the sign for how far South Aycliffe is?"

Some residents reached out to Peter Gibson, MP for Darlington, to ask him what he would do about it.

Others believe that the sign has been wrong for up to 30 years.

Some commuters commented saying that they hadn't noticed after years of driving past the sign.

The Echo has contacted Darlington Borough Council for a comment.