A North Yorkshire sausage company is calling for volunteers to clean Saltburn Beach.

HECK! has been arranging litter picks around North Yorkshire to preserve the county's beauty spots.

Now the Bedale sausage company have set their sights on improving the region's coastal areas.

This Friday they will begin their campaign by litter-picking at Saltburn beach.

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Ruby Parkyn, HECK!'s marketing manager, explained how they planned to slowly work their way around the coastline.

She said: "As a team, we are all really fond of Saltburn Beach.

"We even filmed some of our advertising campaigns there a few years ago.

"The last time we were there we all decided to extend our litter-picking work to the coastlines of Yorkshire, so we’re kicking off in Saltburn."

The company is also looking to support environmental community projects along the North East coast as well as individual ones.

Ruby added: "It’s all about small changes making big differences, whether it be looking after the countryside and taking litter home, or making smart swaps with food, which can make an impact on your individual carbon footprint."

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Volunteers who turn up on the day will have free lunch provided by HECK! as thanks for their efforts cleaning the beach.

They can either tuck into a battered sausage and chips or get a take-home bag at the end of the session.

The clean-up will take place on Friday 11, on Saltburn Beach at 10am.

To find out more details check out HECK!'s event here.