Shoppers in search of a bargain can look out for deals in Aldi and Lidl middle aisles this weekend.

Starting from Sunday August 6, customers can shop a range of products, including kitchen gadgets, back to school essentials and more.

With new deals on offer, those wanting to know what treasures lie within the middle aisles won’t need to look any further.

Aldi and Lidl have something for everyone, so get ready to grab a deal this weekend.

Aldi Specialbuys

From Sunday, shoppers can look out for back to school essentials, summer scents and more.

At the time of writing, Aldi hasn’t released all of its Specialbuys for Sunday online but its latest leaflet shows customers that reed diffusers and back to school essentials are coming to the middle aisle.

Check the Aldi website for upcoming Specialbuys.

Autumn Bedding 10 Pack

The Northern Echo: Autumn Bedding 10 PackAutumn Bedding 10 Pack (Image: Aldi)

Aldi has listed a 10 pack of flowers on its website with a mixture of colours to choose from.

There will be two varieties of both Pansy and Viola for customers to add to their garden this summer.

The plants are suitable for bedding, containers or hanging baskets and they’re available for £1.89 per pack.

Lidl’s middle aisle

From Sunday, Lidl is welcoming a range of kitchen gadgets to its middle aisle including an air fryer, coffee machine and more.

You can see all of Lidl’s middle aisle items via the website.

Silvercrest Espresso Machine

The Northern Echo: Silvercrest Espresso MachineSilvercrest Espresso Machine (Image: Lidl)

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your coffee setup, this espresso machine could be just what you need.

It comes with a portafilter system and two filter inserts for one or two shots.

The water tank is removable and you’ll get a bottle of Durgol specialty descaler included to help care for the appliance.

It could be yours for £59.99.

Tower 8L Dual Basket Digital Air Fryer

The Northern Echo: Tower 8L Dual Basket Digital Air FryerTower 8L Dual Basket Digital Air Fryer (Image: Lidl)

Whether you’re new to the air fryer hype or you’re looking for an upgrade, there are two options coming to the middle aisle at Lidl this weekend.

As well as the dual basket air fryer, you’ll find a 2.4L air fryer too (£49.99).

The dual basket one has Vortx technology meaning it has rapid air circulation and cooks faster than a conventional oven while also using less power, Lidl says.

The two drawers mean you can cook more at one time and it could be yours for £99.99.

Silvercrest Panini Grill

The Northern Echo: Silvercrest Panini GrillSilvercrest Panini Grill (Image: Lidl)

This panini grill can also be used as a contact grill and it has a variable temperature dial.

It comes with a drip tray and scraper plus customers can save 10% if they are signed up to the Lidl Plus app.

Without the discount, it’s available for £34.99.

The grill also has a green and red indicator light plus an upper grill plate with contact settings that can be adjusted.