N-Dubz appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning (August 4) and viewers noticed that one member of the group, Tulisa Contostavlos, looked different to how they remember.

Viewers of GMB have speculated that the singer has had “work done to her face” making her “unrecognisable”.

The trio were sat on the GMB sofa discussing their new album and the things they’ve been through in previous years and how they include this in their music.

Dappy said: “We’re humans at the end of the day and we all go through trials and tribulations. We all do mistakes. We’re human and no one’s perfect.”

Tulisa added: “It’s about how you get up.”

N-Dubz's new album, titled Timeless, was released today.

Tulisa ‘unrecognisable’ as N-Dubz promote their new album on GMB

Viewers of GMB tweeted about Tulisa and her appearance as they thought she had changed the way her face looked.

Some viewers were not fond of the way Tulisa looked on the show while others showed their support.

One tweeted: “Watching Good Morning Britain and Tulisa has got soo much work done to her face wow…”

Another said: “Tulisa is unrecognisable now! Why do people do this to themselves. #GMB #ndubz”.

A third viewer said: “Tulisa looks great. Great album”.

Another said: “They're talented rappers who've worked with some big names.

“Glad that they're back on the scene.”