A North Yorshire brewery based in a former railway station has been reclaimed by the landlords.

This is the latest in a number of businesses in Richmond which have been closed in recent weeks.

The Richmond Brewery Company has become a treasured business in the area since opening in 2008.

They prided themselves on their ‘no-nonsense’ Yorkshire hospitality and reasonably priced pints.

Notices have been put up on the outside of the Richmond Brewery Company stating that the landlord has ‘re-entered’ the premises and the lease has been forfeited.

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Fran Mulvaney, the manager of Richmond Brewing Company, said: “I would like a clearer picture of why this is happening.

“They refused to speak to me yesterday and at the moment the owner, managing director is in a meeting.”

The notice outside the property reads: “We, Richmondshire Building Preservation Trust Limited hereby give you notice under Section 12(1) and (2) and Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the Torts (interference with Goods) Act 1977 as follows:

“The goods, details of which are set out in the attached schedule are being held at FWS 1 & 2 Richmond Station.

“The goods are ready for delivery to you and you are under an obligation to arrange a mutually convenient appointment to attend at the address to collect the goods.

“You are required to give the landlord not less than three business days notice of the date and time on which you would like to collect the goods.

“The landlord proposes to sell or otherwise dispose of the goods after the final collection date if you have not collected the goods on or before that date.”

The manager of the premises was contacted for comment but refused.

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The notice ends by stating that the ‘lease is forfeited and the premises have been secured’.

It reads: “TAKE NOTICE that no one can lawfully enter the Premises unless they have been given authorisation by the Landlord.

“Any attempt to enter the Premises without the Landlord’s authority may be a criminal offence and result in a prosecution.”