Shoppers in search of a bargain will be delighted to hear that both Aldi and Lidl have a new range of items available in their middle aisles this week.

Starting from Thursday August 3, customers can shop a range of products, including kids toys, clothing, cleaning essentials and more.

With new deals on offer, those wanting to know what treasures lie within the middle aisles need look no further.

Aldi and Lidl have something for everyone, so get ready to grab a deal this week.

Aldi Specialbuys

From Thursday, shoppers will find kids toys, motor and travel essentials plus plants and flowers in the middle aisle of Aldi.

You can find all of the upcoming Specialbuys via the Aldi website.

Little Town Routine Clock

The Northern Echo: Little Town Routine ClockLittle Town Routine Clock (Image: Aldi)

Whether you’re teaching your little one the time or how to describe the weather, Aldi has plenty of wooden toys to help them learn.

This clock comes with a stand as well as 12 routine pieces and 12 routine cards which your child can attach to the clock.

Available for £8.99, you can look out for this clock in the Specialbuys from Thursday.

Auto XS Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Northern Echo: Auto XS Cordless Vacuum CleanerAuto XS Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Image: Aldi)

Ideal for your car or home, this cordless vacuum cleaner can be used to keep spaces tidy.

It comes with a small nozzle attachment to help clean the harder to reach areas.

The vacuum also comes with a cleaning brush and USB charging cable.

It can be yours for £14.99.

Auto XS Car Cleaning Brush

The Northern Echo: Auto XS Car Cleaning BrushAuto XS Car Cleaning Brush (Image: Aldi)

Whether you’re off on a roadtrip or just fancy giving your car some TLC, a clean with this car cleaning brush could be just what it needs.

It comes with a soft brush head with non-abrasive fibres and it can be used as a flow through brush or a handheld mitt brush.

If you spot one of these in the middle aisle, you can pick one up for £8.99.

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Lidl’s middle aisle

The middle aisle at Lidl is set to offer shoppers household and cleaning essentials as well as clothing from Thursday.

You can find all the middle aisle items via the Lidl website.

Vileda 19m Clothes Dryer Extensive

The Northern Echo: Vileda 19m Clothes Dryer ExtensiveVileda 19m Clothes Dryer Extensive (Image: Lidl)

This clothes dryer can be extended from 110-176cm with 19m total line length, ideal if you’re struggling to get the washing out is the current UK weather.

Lidl claims the airer can fit up to two washing machine loads on the airer at one time.

You can move the airer around with the attached wheels and you can fold it away for storage.

Make it yours for £29.99 in Lidl’s middle aisle.

Vileda Spray & Clean Mop

The Northern Echo: Vileda Spray & Clean MopVileda Spray & Clean Mop (Image: Lidl)

This mop comes with a water tank and a mop head and can be rotated through 180 degrees.

The mop cover can be washed in a machine at 60C and be used again and again.

Lidl says it cleans more than 99% of bacteria with water alone.

Pick it up at Lidl for £19.99.