A popular city in the North East has been named as one of the best places to retire in the UK.

Although Newcastle is known for its nightlife and good vibes, it’s also one of the places to be when it comes to escaping for the later years of life.

This might not be a decision many are thinking of making yet, but knowing of the cities ready to welcome you when the time comes, including what they have to offer is something to bear in mind.

To help you decide, Shepherd’s Friendly took the 30 happiest cities in the UK and ranked them by a range of factors including average life expectancy, monthly cost of living and happiness rating.

It also included other factors such as property prices and the number of bus routes for local travel.

By doing this, they whittled down the top 10 cities in the UK which are ideal for retiring to.

The research also included the best European cities to retire to.

Newcastle named one of the best places in the UK to retire

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Surrounded by idyllic Lancashire countryside and within a close commute to the seaside, Preston comes in first place with a happiness score of 7.52 out of 10, making it the 14th happiest city in the UK overall with 165 bus routes for local travel, and average needed retirement saving of £96,141.

However, Newcastle followed close by, ranking in fourth place.

It costs £1,714 per square metre to buy a property outside of the city centre and has 213 bus routes.

Meanwhile, it has a happiness rate of 7.49, an average life expectancy of 79.5 and a monthly cost of living without rent or housing costs amounting to £728.

The estimated cost of living during total retirement years is thought to be around £117,750.

Top 10 places to retire in the UK

Here are the top 10 places to retire in the UK along with each location's happiness score:

  1. Preston – 7.52
  2. Bradford – 7.49
  3. Doncaster – 7.54
  4. Newcastle upon Tyne – 7.49
  5. Birmingham – 7.32
  6. Hull – 7.38
  7. Stoke-on-Trent – 7.59
  8. Wolverhampton – 7.53
  9. Coventry – 7.41
  10. Sheffield – 7.45


The estimated cost of living during total retirement years for each place can be found on Shepherd’s Friendly website.

The total is based on the current cost of living prices and average life span in the respective country.

Provisions should be made for rising prices and a longer-than-average lifespan.

Savings needed is irrespective of housing costs.