CCTV footage has captured the moment a car crashed into a bollard on newly-opened cycleway in Darlington this evening - knocking it out of the ground.

The incident in the town's Duke Street happened after the driver apparently did not realise he had entered a one-way road next to the cycle lane.

No-one was injured in the collision on the junction of Larchfield Road at about 7pm on Monday (July 31). 

The driver, who did not wish to be named, said to The Northern Echo: "I haven’t been down here for a while.

"It used to be a two-way road. I turned the corner and I heard a car beeping. It must have been letting me know it was a no entry . . . and that is when I hit the bollard."

Tori Gill, who runs a marketing company on the junction, said: I have sent the footage to the highways team – I send them everything.

The Northern Echo:

"Because it seem’s no matter what happens on that junction – signage, no signage – there is always an issue.

"I mean it is clearly signposted. There have been lots of problems on that junction.

"It has been a one-way for over a year. Normally cars come straight out of that junction and just don’t look, so there’s been at least five or six accidents.

"And I have had my bollards replaced outside my building on that corner six times.

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The Northern Echo:

She added: "I am not sure what on earth is going on on that junction. The council are aware of my concerns.

"That junction is well known. It’s a bit of a notorious spot. We were hoping with the introduction of the one-way and better signage that junction would improve."