A house at the centre of drug dealing and anti-social behaviour has had its tenants evicted and the property closed by Middlesbrough Council.

Neighbourhood Safety staff from the council worked alongside local residents to build the case that 68 Falmouth Street, near Park Lane in Middlesbrough, should be the subject of action to help alleviate the antisocial issues the street was facing.

Teesside Magistrates Court heard how workers and residents compiled a comprehensive account of incidents which occurred at the property over a period of nearly 12 months.

Amongst the evidence, there was proof of rowdy behaviour, drug dealing from the property and in one incident a person waving a syringe in the air.

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There was also repeated incidents of fly-tipping in the rear alley believed to be related to activity at the address.

In one incident the tenant was heard repeatedly shouting “give me my money, give me my money” to a visitor.

The court was told how police repeatedly took action against those living at the property and that Middlesbrough Council had also issued orders against the perpetrators of antisocial behaviour.

The court ordered that the property be subject to a three-month closure order. As a result the tenant has been evicted and the landlord has been ordered to pay the Council’s costs of £750.

Councillor Janet Thompson, Middlesbrough Council’s executive member for community safety, said: “The residents of Falmouth Street have had to live with appalling behaviour from this address for far too long.

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“I’d like to pay tribute to them and thank them for working with our Neighbourhood Safety team to build a case against those living at this address.

“We absolutely will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and will always take action against those who make life a misery for others.

“Sometimes this takes time but we will always stand by the good people in our neighbourhoods who simply want a normal and quiet life free of the kind of issues we’ve seen at this address.”