A North East mum has spoken of her delight and relief after a 'do not resuscitate' order placed on her son was lifted.

June Hackett has said she is "on top of the world" after her son Kristopher's medical order was removed on Wednesday (July 26).

In 2021, the 33-year-old, known by friends as 'Krissy' suffered a cardiac arrest while making Ms Hackett a cup of tea in her Stockton home.

She said a DNR was placed on her son without her or her family being consulted, and they were told the reason for this was that Kristopher would not survive further CPR.

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The Northern Echo: Kristopher a day before his cardiac arrest (July 17 2021)Kristopher a day before his cardiac arrest (July 17 2021) (Image: June Hackett)

Since then, Ms Hackett said she had visited North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, consultants at a Sunderland Hospital, and a Horden GP to try and get the order removed.

She said she was able to get the order lifted after speaking with a consultant connected to Kristopher’s Peterlee care home.

Ms Hackett said the consultant told her this action could be taken due to her son’s stable condition, and would not be reinstated unless he became critically ill.

She said: “It means the world to us all, to the whole family. I put a lot of effort, a lot of fight into getting it removed.


The Northern Echo:

“I never gave up and I’m positive in the responses that he’s making as well. I’m never going to give up, it’s now time to not give up on any further recovery that Krissy might make.

“It feels like I’m on top of the world.

“I’ll never give up in believing that there is further recovery to come for Krissy.”

She said her son has made improvements since January and said he responds to the family when they speak to him.

Ms Hackett said he shook a jingle stick in his hand for the first time yesterday for three to four minutes, and said this gives her hope for his recovery.

She said she and her family believe Kristopher has made a lot of positive progress.

She added her son has only had three infections since coming to his new care home from North Tees, and has shot up from 8st 2lbs to 12st 7lbs.

The Northern Echo:

The Northern Echo:

Ms Hackett thanked those who donated to a GoFundMe set up to contest Kristopher’s DNACPR order, and said the funds would be used to support his needs.

She said her next goal is to try and get funding from the CHC to allow Kristopher to come home to be around family and friends once a month.

Additionally, she encouraged those going through a situation like her family’s to not give up.


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The Northern Echo:

She added doctors had told her family it was unlikely her son would survive more than two days after suffering his cardiac arrest.

“If anyone ever is going through something similar, my advice is to never give up,” Ms Hackett added.

“It’s been heartbreaking, every day has been heartbreaking, but now I can look to a brighter future.”