Since the news broke that Sinéad O'Connor passed away yesterday at the age of 56, old clips of the late Irish singer have flooded social media.

The beloved 'rebel' singer and activist had a turbulent life on stage and off it and was often lauded for her defiant stances and open honesty on tender topics.

A clip of O'Connor and Pogues frontman Shane McGowan being interviewed by Pat Kenny in 1995 has resurfaced since the singer's death.

O'Connor and MacGowan were on the show to promote their newly released song "Haunted."

The pair were known for being extremely close friends during her lifetime and often appeared on stage together throughout the years.

"Haunted" was written for the 1986 movie "Sid and Nancy," a movie that focuses on the relationship between Sid Vicious, the bassist with the band Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.  

McGowan actually knew Vicious and Spungen. He said that while "Haunted" is an emotional and sad song, "It’s happy in a way cos they’re reunited somewhere else."

Pondering her own morality, O'Connor said at the time: "What are we all doing here, how does the earth hang in space and what’s going to happen to me when I die, is it going to be slow and painful."

"But I think if you get through birth which is the most difficult passage then death is surely a breeze."

"I think living is harder probably."

The song was originally recorded by the Pogues but was re-recorded by O'Connor and MacGowan in 1992.

It was then released in 1995 on the "Two If by Sea/Stolen Hearts" movie soundtrack. It made it to #30 in the charts. 

The duo also discussed where they get inspiration. O'Connor said that she writes songs on plane journeys.

She explained that her songs are personal and songwriting is how she talks to herself and tries to find herself.

MacGowan says he finds a little magic everywhere: "I like a few drinks and like I’ve had a good few ideas for songs in pubs."

After O'Connor lost her son in early 2022, MacGowan reached out on social media: "Sinéad you have always been there for me and for so many people, you have been a comfort & a soul who is not afraid to feel the pain of the suffering.

"You have always tried to heal & help. I pray that you can be comforted & find strength, healing & peace in your own sorrow & loss."