A Darlington theatre has found a new use for its rooftop as one up-and-coming young singer has used it to film his latest music video.

Tom A Smith, a 19-year-old singer from Houghton-le-Spring in Sunderland has had a rather unique experience when he had the opportunity to film a music video on the roof of the Darlington Hippodrome on July 17.

In a live acoustic special ‘Live from the Rooftop’ performance of his song The Worst Is Still To Come, Tom is filmed by Rob Irish of Tracks Darlington, an organisation that helps develop music artists.

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The Northern Echo: Singer Tom A Smith on the roof of Darlington Hippodrome.Singer Tom A Smith on the roof of Darlington Hippodrome. (Image: TRACKS DARLINGTON)

Tom, who is due to perform at the Last Train Home Festival in September at the Hippodrome was approached by videographer Rob Irish who had a vision to film a video on the roof itself.

Tom said: “I haven’t got incredible footage of me performing currently and I’ve just put an EP out so I thought it would be a good idea to film one of the tracks off it.

“Also, it’s such an iconic venue already so to be able to go along before the festival and have a look at it is great. I love that sort of edginess of performing on the roof too.”

This is the first time Tom has performed the new song since its release with the version he performed on the roof being a more stripped-back and acoustic version of the track.

“It was a great opportunity and I’m so pleased with the way the video has turned out as it was great filming it and we all had a great evening.”

Despite the rainy weather that took over the town the weekend beforehand, Tom and Rob had a lucky evening with clearer skies as they shot the video at golden hour.

Rob Irish, from Tracks Darlington, shot the video after a Hippodrome staff member admitted they wanted to do a “Beatles-esque” shoot on the roof.

He said: “It’s quite a cool space that not many people get to go to because its restricted access.

“We decided to get an artist from Last Train Home and film them up there and we had to choose someone who could do an acoustic set because of access.”

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“The weather was great with clear skies and beautiful sun, even though the bells from St Cuthberts Church also holding a bell ringing practice at the same time!”

Tracks is now gearing up for the sixth Last Train Home Festival that will take place on September 2 in venues including The Forum, Hippodrome, Hullabaloo Theatre and Darlington Train Station who will all host live music from national and local artists.

Tickets are £20 and can be bought here.