A young woman from County Durham denied charges alleging that she threatened two other women with a kitchen knife, a court heard.

Ellie Hunter, 19, was accused of one count of being in possession of an article with a blade without good reason in a public space and two counts of threatening with a bladed article.

Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court heard that one of the two girls who was threatened is now worried to live on the street. 

Hunter pleaded guilty to carrying a kitchen knife in public but denied the charges that she threatened Bella Smith and Rebecca Prescott.

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The case has been sent to Durham Crown Court for trial.

John Garside, prosecuting, described how hunter took the knife from the house she was living in at Chester-le-Street before being confronted by the two women.

Paul Donoghue, mitigating, stated that there were significant disagreements over whether any threats were made.

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Presiding Magistrate Ramshaw decided that the case would have to be dealt with by a higher court.

She said: "These matters will be heard at Duram Crown Court on August 15.

"In the meantime you (Hunter) will be remanded.

"We have significant grounds to believe that if you were let out on bail you would commit further offences."