After all the controversy around the Teesworks site and last week’s crushing news that one investor has pulled out of opening there, it’s great to be able to report some good news.

Fingers and everything else will be crossed after it was confirmed that a Norwegian concern has signed a letter of interest to set up a giant £1bn plant at Redcar Bulk Terminal.

The revelation is a welcome fillip for the project and puts it in the headlines for all the right reasons at last.

It’s certainly put a smile back on the face of Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen and rightly so.

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For the plant being envisaged for the site is exactly the sort of enterprise Teesworks has been trying to attract, and it would put it at the forefront of low CO2 iron and steelmaking across the world.

For somewhere that provided the steel that helped build the world, that would be a nice bit of symmetry.

It would be a strong message to others in the field that Teesside is the place to be for green industries and all the synergies that would bring.