North Yorkshire's first AI-powered candidate is running in an upcoming by-election.

Andrew Gray, a solicitor, is standing as an independent MP for the Selby and Ainsty constituency.

On the cover of his campaign leaflet, he proudly celebrates the fact that he is the 'AI-Powered candidate' in the contest.

Using the system Polis he plans to monitor the beliefs of people living in the area and vote accordingly.

He has already used the AI in Harrogate to find common ground on previously contentious issues such as town centre development and the 20mph zone.

Mr Gray said: "I am running Polis AI conversations in every town and village in this massive constituency, as well as a cross-constituency Polis conversation about national issues.

"All the data, which is anonymous, will be released.

"If elected, I will vote in Parliament in accordance with the consensus of the constituency.

"On election, the conversations will continue, and I will vote in Parliament vote as per the changing desires of my electorate, which means that I can respond to change quickly.

"If mandated, I will vote for the Government, or against, or abstain.

"Therefore, by electing me, my constituents are getting more democracy, more power in their hands.

"Selby and Ainsty will be the country’s bellweather constituency."

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Mr Gray doesn't want to be viewed as a political candidate.

He hopes that people see his campaign as a way to change politics.

He added: "I want to be seen as not so much a political candidate, but a candidate for positive change.

"There is so much that we agree upon: let’s start there. I’m optimistic. Our many problems are fixable.

"Things simply can’t stay as they are. Many of us are rolling our eyes at what is going on in Westminster.

"Traditional party politics need consigning to the dustbin of history."

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The independent candidate will be competing against Keir Mather the Labour candidate, Claire Holmes the Conservative candidate and Matt Walker for the Liberal Democrats.

Nigel Adams had previously been the Conservative MP for the area for the last 13 years.

By stepping down he has triggered a hotly contested by-election with a host of independent candidates emerging as candidates.