On Monday evening, chart-topping star Hozier arrived on Tyneside for an eagerly anticipated show at the O2 City Hall.

With global streaming numbers exceeding 22 billion, tickets for the show were in high demand. It goes without saying that the event had long since sold out.

Hozier arrived in the North East fresh off the back of a date at Piece Hall in Halifax on Sunday. Approaching the venue at 7 pm, the queue looped around the block as fans attempted to secure their spot at the front of the stage.

For the huge crowd in attendance early in the evening a beautiful and heartfelt set from Victoria Canal opened the proceedings. The 24-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and activist was recently awarded the Ivor Novello Rising Star award following in the footsteps of peers such as Griff and Holly Humberstone.

At around 9.15 pm, Hozier took to the stage to the sounds of Eat Your Young, Jackie and Wilson along with From Eden. Backed by a huge ensemble featuring musicians originating from the US and Ireland, the audience was immediately transfixed by the versatile array of performers on stage. Many of Hozier's band are established musicians, composers, and producers and their talent was clear from the off.

Hozier's eighteen-song setlist was largely drawn from his eponymous debut album, with nine tracks from the record featuring during the evening. With the stage bathed in red light, a solo acoustic performance of Cherry Wine was one of the highlights of the show mid-set.

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The artist is preparing to release his third album Unreal Earth in August. Hozier whet the audience's appetite for what is to come, with the inclusion of four new songs, including recent single Francesca. It was surprising that even with the material being so fresh that the fans seemed to know every word. Whilst the joyous harmonies and soulful melody of All Things End certainly hit the spot.

Of course, Hozier was always going to be a hot ticket in Newcastle, so much so that the audience was given ice pops to cool down on what was a balmy evening on Tyneside. The headliner was almost tempted to participate if only he didn't have to perform.

Fan favourite Someone New featured in the latter stages of the set, whilst a foot-stomping rendition of Angel of Small Death had the O2 City Hall choir singing aloud at the tops of their voices.

Hozier delivered an astounding vocal performance throughout. He sunk his heart and soul into every moment of the show. Yet, despite his star status, he remained humble. The whole band got their moment in the spotlight during the evening. And the artist even took the opportunity to thank every member of the band, crew, and production by name towards the end of the set.

Of course, Take Me To Church was always going to be a stand-out moment of the evening, and it did not disappoint. Whilst a beautiful airing of Work Song rounded out a perfect evening at the O2 City Hall.


Hozier has been regarded by many pundits as one of the foremost singer-songwriters of our generation and based on his performance in Newcastle, it's easy to understand why.