I HOPE nobody is surprised by the newly-elected Labour councillors cancelling the South Park fireworks.

Once again they are showing the lack of vision and the managed decline that led to them being kicked out of power four years ago.

Labour have no other way, they can’t possibly think of a way of making a fireworks display, which tens of thousands of people want to go to, economically viable.

Labour talk about the cost-of-living crisis, but their two recent announcements (cut free parking and the cancellation of the fireworks display) will mean families have to spend more and the Labour councillors really couldn’t care less, they have the votes and they will do what they always do - ignore the people of this town.

A fireworks display has proven to: 1. Cut firework-related anti-social behaviour 2. Boost the town’s economy 3. Reduce the impact on our town’s emergency services. Of course, Councillor Harker will make cancelling the event one of his top priorities.

It is not too late, I urge every reader to email Councillor Harker expressing your disgust at the decision and ask him what he will cut next to accelerate the managed decline of our town.

You never know he might make a U turn, just like his hero Sir Keir Starmer.

Michael Walker, Darlington.