Nine people have been given a combined sentence of over forty years in prison for bringing class A drugs including cocaine into Cleveland.

An investigation by Cleveland Police’s Organised Crime Unit that first began in September 2019 has ended, seeing nine people sentenced for drug offences on June 30.

The group were said to have been part of a Hartlepool-based group that organised the smuggling of cocaine from Merseyside to Cleveland.

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The Northern Echo:

Part of the investigation saw police seize 14 kilograms of “high purity” cocaine and £200,000 in cash.

Involved in the group was Patrick Bradley, aged 31. Bradley was known to hold a leading role in directing and organising the rest of the group and is already in prison serving a sentence for other offences.

He was given eight years and two months in prison.

Tyler Scott, aged 31, was said to have lived a “cash-rich” lifestyle throughout what police have dubbed their “conspiracy”. She was given a two-year community order.

34-year-old Martin Oliver pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply class A drugs, and was given 2 years and 8 months in prison.

The Northern Echo: Cocaine seized by police.Cocaine seized by police. (Image: CLEVELAND POLICE)

29-year-old Anthony Gofton was said to have also held a senior role in the group and “controlled” other members. Gofton was handed five years in prison.

Daniel Brown, aged 29, handled over £100,000 in criminal proceeds and was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison.

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Other members of the group were used as “couriers”, transporting the drugs from Merseyside across to Cleveland.

Christopher Graham, aged 28, Matthew Nunn, aged 29 and Thomas Brown, aged 25, were used as couriers to transport the drugs. Graham was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison, Nunn to three years and four months and Brown to three years and eight months in prison.

Lastly, 21-year-old Sean Huggins, from Merseyside, was also part of the ten-strong group. He was sentenced to four years and five months in prison.