Lewis Capaldi's Glastonbury 2023 performance was forced to stop for a few minutes when a noisy flypast from the Red Arrows made his singing hard to hear.

While he was playing Forever on his guitar, the planes flew over Worthy Farm, forcing him to stop and address the issue while up on the Pyramid Stage.

After finishing the track, he asked the enthusiastic crowd: “Does that happen a lot? No? So they just thought ‘You know what that Lewis Capaldi set needs, send in the Red Arrows'."

The Scottish singer from West Lothian moved on from the Red Arrows flypast to joke that he was told that he should not swear on stage, telling fans: “If you don’t want swears, you don’t invite captain cool over here” while pointing to himself.

He then added: “This is a lot of people, it’s a lot of people. This is genuinely quite a surreal thing."

Elsewhere in the Pyramid Stage show, Lewis Capaldi then teased fans that he could collaborate with well-known singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran.

He said that a guest appearance from the international popstar could be on the table, saying: “Ed has been in America for the last little while so he’s not been over in the UK doing much, but we’re close friends.

“So I phone him up and say ‘This weekend I’m playing the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, it’s a big thing’, we’re good friends…”

He then said: "Ladies and gentlemen… Ed Sheeran”, before adding: “He’s not here. It would be cool if he was.”

Lewis Capaldi dedicates Glastonbury 2023 song to dead aunt in emotional tribute

Lewis Capaldi dedicated his chart-topping song Before You Go to his late aunt Pat after telling Glastonbury 2023 revellers that she had passed away.

He said: "I hate to bring the mood down, I mean my music is depressing, I don’t know why I’m saying that.

“I hate to bring the mood down but the next song is for my aunt who is dead.”

He added that it was also being dedicated to his mother but clarified that she is still "alive and well".