Popular singer-songwriter Billy Nomates has asked the BBC to remove footage of her Glastonbury set after she received abuse online.

This comes as music lovers from across the country descend on Worthy Farm for a weekend of acts from some of the biggest names.

The artist, whose real name is Tor Maries, made the request to the broadcaster after suffering from hateful comments following her performance.

The 33-year-old performed live to fans on Friday when she took to the Park Stage in the afternoon.

However, the musical artists from Leicester was subjected to a wave of abuse.

Billy Nomates then released a statement to condemn and shine a light on the abuse before asking the BBC to remove the entirety of the Glastonbury set from its socials.

In the post, which was shared by Billy Bragg, she said: “I know it’s not for everyone what I do. I know lots of people don’t rate me. But the level of personal abuse on that public page is too much. There will be no more shows after this summer. You wouldn’t stay in a workplace that did this to you. Why should I.”

Billy Bragg and others send support to Billy Nomates as she asks BBC to remove her Glastonbury set

Left-leaning musician Billy Bragg showed his support in a tweet reading: "Solidarity from everyone at Left Field with Billy No Mates who was so badly abused online after her @glastonbury set was posted on @BBC6Music that she asked them to take the clip down. She played a set for us last year and was brilliant. You’ll always have place here Tor."

Other social media users echoed Billy's sentiment with one saying: "I hope Billy Nomates gets to see the outpouring of love and respect on here. The haters are the minority. This particular "6Music Dad" reckons she's one of the brightest and best talents out there."

Another added: "That’s ridiculous. She was one of the best sets of the day?!? What an incredible performer and her voice is extraordinary."