Glastonbury 2023 is fully underway as thousands venture across Worthy Farm to enjoy the festival.

From the musical acts including Lizzo, Sir Elton John, Guns n Roses, Raye, Lewis Capaldi and many more the weekend of music is jam-packed.

But along with the music comes the fun and quirky flags that soar in the sky on giant polls.

Whether they are there to make people laugh or to show off a great design, there are plenty of highlights to pick from.

Here are some of the best and funniest flags spotted at the Glastonbury musical festival so far this year.

Flags at Glastonbury: The best and funniest

Succession fans and eagled eyes viewers were able to spot this flag among the crowd, with a picture of the HBO show's most problem ‘oldest boy’, Kendall Roy.

Pictured in his classic sunglasses and headphone combo, the text of the flag made a nod to Sir Elton John too, writing “Kendall in the Wind” a homage to Sir Elton’s ‘Candle in the Wind’.

Elsewhere at the front of the Pyramid Stage, a group of festivalgoers held up a picture of everyone’s least favourite manager,The Office’s David Brent

The comical flag said: “You couldn’t run and manage a successful paper merchants!”

The Office flag was not the only one to be honoured via a Glastonbury flag with Father Ted getting a special nod.

The Irish flag quoted an iconic moment from the show: “This is our fupping shpot!”

Others looked towards Gavin and Stacey with a flag listing Smithy’s full Indian order, everything from chicken bhuna, a bag of chips and all the way to nine poppadoms.

One flag looked towards the viral meme that floated around social media platforms Twitter and TikTok at the start of the year.

The flag simply wrote “We’re just innocent men” remembering the iconic moment created on CBBC.

Some flags looked to more simple and straight forwards laughs, such as this flag of none other than Bob Mortimer, which one Twitter user shared they “wholeheartedly approve”.

Last but by far not least, one Glastonbury Festival goer simply created a flag of King Charle’s fingers, spotted next to the giant flag of baked beans.