A police officer who offered a homeless woman £10 to perform a sex act on him before dragging her into an alleyway was celebrating a charge of rape being dropped against him, a misconduct hearing was told.

PC Kevin Woof is alleged to have thrown the woman onto some steps before her boyfriend tried to intervene and he attempted to flee Newcastle city centre in a taxi.

The ex-Cleveland Police officer was arrested when the couple and a friend blocked the road to prevent him from escaping and he was found to have a bottle of ‘poppers’ in his pocket.

A search of his mobile phone records showed he had been searching for prostitutes and escorts in the Newcastle area minutes before he is alleged to have dragged the woman into an alleyway.

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Following his arrest, the experienced officer said he was the victim of an attempted robbery after he nipped into the alleyway to relieve himself before being threatened with a knife.

David Hewitt, representing Cleveland Police, told the misconduct panel the officer had resigned from the force before the hearing could take place.

Opening the force’s case, he said Mr Woof had attended the Newcastle United versus Tottenham Hotspur game on October 17, 2021, – the day after he was told he would face no further action following an investigation into an allegation of rape in May of the same year.

He said the ex-copper accepted he had downed at least ten pints throughout the day before visiting two strip clubs in the city centre and later propositioning the homeless woman.

“He is loitering around in the vicinity of her, he proceeds to proposition her saying ‘will you give me a blow-job for £10’.

“She declines this offer, the former officer follows her or drags her into an alleyway,” he said.

Mr Hewitt said the woman’s boyfriend then intervened believing that the ex-officer was going to rape her after throwing her to the ground.

The accused ex-officer then ran away and jumped into a taxi, demanding that the driver ‘just go’ but he was ‘sweating and shaking’ as the couple and a friend attempted to block the vehicle from moving.

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The tribunal heard that a criminal investigation into the alleged sex attack was ended with no further action after the complainants withdrew their support of the investigation.

The former officer, who failed to attend the first day of the hearing, was represented by Paul Morley of Cleveland Police Federation.

He said Mr Woof denied the allegations and maintained that he only attempted to flee the scene because he feared for his life.

Mr Morley said the former officer only bought the Liquid Gold to help cure his snoring and didn't realise that it was often used for alternative sexual purposes.

The hearing continues.