Nigel Farage has been mocked on Twitter after offering his fans "behind the scenes" content for the fee of £5 a month.

The former leader of UKIP and the Brexit Party has seemingly decided to ditch politics altogether and become a content creator in his own right.

Offering “monthly win-a-pint with Nigel prizes”, his loyal fanbase may possibly jump at the chance to be closer to the polarising figure.

Unfortunately for Nigel, however, he was ridiculed not long after the Tweet was posted.

Considered by many to be the face of Euroscepticism, his supporters and critics are in equally high numbers during this divisive time.

Writing on Twitter on Sunday evening, he invited followers to “join my private Twitter Subscribers Club” – for just £5 a month.

He said this would give people access to “monthly win-a-pint with Nigel prizes”, “ask me anything on Twitter spaces” and “exclusive behind-the-scenes content” – as well as “much, much more”.

In an attached minute-long video, Farage said: “Well thank goodness for Elon Musk! Twitter is now genuinely a public space for free and open debate.”

Then he asked viewers to pay him a monthly fee to get access to “things that perhaps should be said in private” and free bottles of “Farage gin”.

″I promise you it will be the most enormous fun. I will be, at times, wholly irreverent, but I’ll tell you what I really think.”

He finished off the clip by cheersing the camera with a glass of red wine, before taking a quick slurp.

The Tweet received 2 million interactions and the quotes almost outweighed the likes entirely.

In said quotes, he was labelled 'desperate', 'a grifter', and also 'skint', as well as a lot worse.

It isn't the first time Farage has tried his hand at making money online either. 

He was once a well-requested 'celebrity' on the video-sharing platform Cameo, in which anyone can pay a one-time fee for a personalised message.

Farage, who charged £73 a message back in 2021, was criticised for being 'duped' into saying 'Up the RA' at one point, a well-known slogan for the Irish Republican Army.