Journalist and broadcaster Jeremy Paxman has hosted his final episode of BBC's Univeristy Challenge after 29 years. 

The 73-year-old hosted the quiz show since it was revived at the BBC in 1994 but has now ended his run after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Signing off the show, Paxman said: “It remains for me to thank Jung Chang for presenting the trophy, all the teams who have entertained us over the past months, and you for watching.

“University Challenge returns later in the year and I look forward to watching it with you. So it’s good night for me. Good night.”

Jeremy Paxman leaves University Challenge

Paxman is set to be replaced by journalist and broadcaster Amol Rajan, who is the third host of the programme in its 61-year history.

Across his 29 years on the show, Paxman becomes famous for his disapproving looks and combative style that has seen him clash with a number of contestants.

Born in Leeds, Paxman began his broadcasting career on the BBC’s graduate trainee programme in 1972.

He worked in local radio and reported on the Troubles in Belfast and shortly after moving to London in 1977, he transferred from Tonight to investigative flagship programme Panorama.

He also had stints on the Six O’Clock News and BBC One’s Breakfast Time.

The final episode saw Durham University become the 2022-2023 University Challenge champions.

The quiz show is set to return this summer with both a new title sequence and a batch of students.