Fans are buzzing for Beyonce to take the stage at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light for an unforgettable gig tomorrow (May 23) night – but will it rain?

Queen Bey herself will make an appearance at the stadium when the show kicks off around 7pm with doors opening at 4pm.

Now, as the gig is now less than 24 hours away, fans are wondering whether they need to bring their brollies and coats along.

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According to the MetOffice, there is a possibility for showers later in the afternoon but remain mostly clear during the day time as fans flock to queue outside.

The forecaster said: “Tuesday will be a mostly fine day with cloud breaking to allow some sunshine. Isolated showers are possible for the afternoon.”

Concertgoers will also experience a pleasant temperature throughout the day, as they can expect highs of 15°C and lows of 10°C.

Here’s an hour-by-hour forecast of what the weather will be like in Sunderland for the gig.

09:00AM - 12°C with sunny intervals

10:00AM – 13°C and cloudy

11:00AM - 13°C with sunny intervals

12:00PM - 13°C with sunny intervals

1:00PM - 14°C and sunny

2:00PM - 14°C with sunny intervals

3:00PM - 14°C with sunny intervals

4:00PM - 14°C and cloudy

5:00PM – 14°C and cloudy

6:00PM - 13°C and cloudy

7:00PM - 13°C and cloudy

8:00PM - 13°C and cloudy

9:00PM - 13°C and cloudy

10:00PM - 13°C and cloudy

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Following the show, fans are strongly advised to use both St Peter’s and Stadium of Light metro stations where staff will be in place to look after fans on their journey home.

Those attending are cautioned that there is no parking available on stadium grounds, with the roads surrounding the stadium also closed off for pickups and drop offs.

Keir Hardie Way will also be closing, meaning vehicles from the north and west are advised to use the park and walk site at Sunderland Enterprise Park via the A1231 Wessington Way.