A North East bar has been forced to close its doors after flooding damaged the dance floor causing it to become unsafe.

The closure of Screams Court in Hartlepool is temporary and the venue said it hopes to be back in action on Wednesday.

According to a statement on their social media, the venue was flooded last weekend which has damaged the dance floor.

However, it has since become damaged to the point where it has become unsafe and so the venue has closed.

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The venue has said that someone will be coming out to fix it and hopes they will be back open again on Wednesday.

A statement on their Facebook page adds: “We have been monitoring our dancefloor area over the course of this week and because of the way the floors been damaged we don’t want to put anyone at risk of falling over or causing them injury, today when Ash checked the venue the floor had become very damaged to the point it’s now unsafe.

“So it maybe sad to see us close but money isn’t everything saftey is and that’s why we closed! So we can all make memories not accidents!

“Thank you everyone for being understanding, it might be the bank holiday but no one wants an accident. We are a safe space and we make sure we keep everyone safe!”