A North Yorkshire woman has recounted her 'wonderful' memories of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation 70 years ago. 

The day was June 2, 1953, and while thousands of people were having street parties, waving flags down The Mall in London and visiting the market square of their town or city, Maureen Lowe, from Ripon, was in her front room with her parents and neighbours watching the Queen's Coronation. 

Despite only being ten years of age at the time, she remembers that she had to close the curtains in order to see the Coronation footage on the television. 

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Now, 70 years later, on the day of King Charles III Coronation, she has shared her memories of what the Queen's Coronation was like.

Speaking to The Northern Echo, she said: "It was a real sense of community - you felt like you were part of something. 

"I remember that we had to close the curtains and in the front room and my parents and neighbours were there - we had a little home celebration."

The Northern Echo: Maureen LoweMaureen Lowe (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Asked how the Queen's Coronation compares to King Charles III's - she responds with "incomparable - due to so many changes."

Today (May 6), Maureen is looking forward to watching the King's Coronation - but that's not her sole focus. 

As the secretary of Ripon Bellringers, she has part-responsibility of making sure everything runs smoothly and the bells chime at Ripon Cathedral. 

And that's, by no means, an easy task. 

Despite having over 25 bellringers registered in Ripon, six youngsters have been put through their paces over the last few weeks to be ready to ring the Ripon bells on Coronation day.

The Northern Echo: Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

"It's so fulfilling that they have learnt fast and become brilliant members of the team. We're a close knit team here so it means a lot that we get to ring the bells on Coronation day - especially given that I watched the Queen's Coronation 70 years since,"

After playing a flawless performance this morning, Maureen, who has been bell ringing since 1989, departed to watch the King's Coronation, before admitting that she would watch a bit and then watch the Leeds United game. 

"One will be better than the other," she quipped.