Residents of a North Yorkshire town have been left amused after a seven-foot-tall goose appeared on the side of a utility building.

Currently, an air of mystery surrounds the massive gander art, as no one is quite certain who painted it, when, or why.

Painted onto a wall of the Galley Hill housing estate, in Guisborough, the goose has a lovely view down to the Guisborough Visitor Centre, and can be accessed by Stokesley Road.

Chris Young, who is one of the curators at Preston Park Museum by trade, spotted the ginormous goose graffiti.

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The Northern Echo:

He said: “My wife and I were up at the housing estate, looking at the new housing estate as we are considering moving and are scouting out locations. I spotted it from the road and managed to drive over to it.”

A self-confessed nerd, Chris reckons that the goose iconography is a tribute to a popular video game, Untitled Goose Game, where players play as a mischievous goose, whose main aim is to bother residents of a quiet English village.

“Me and my wife have both played Untitled Goose Game, and we recognised it immediately. It is quite a strange place for it, you don’t usually get graffiti out there.”

But despite this, Chris “loves the artwork”, and thinks the goose depiction is “sympathetic to the surrounding landscape”.

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“Hopefully it is there to stay – I don’t want it to get scrubbed off!”

Despite trawling the world wide web, Chris cannot find any record of the pixel graphics art on Google or Instagram – no local artist seems to have claimed responsibility for it – so there may be a real element of mystery to the massive goose of Guisborough.

Still, Chris has a sneaking suspicion that it could be the work of ZX8BITS, who does creative pixel art spray paintings all over Middlesbrough and the wider region.