Contingency plans are being put in place to help the drivers of hundreds of vehicles leave a muddy County Durham music festival site.

Soft ground caused by heavy rain has made the Northern Kin Festival on the outskirts of Durham unsuitable for drivers with tractors already towing people from the site.

Live music is ongoing today but organisers have already revealed plans to help people get home safely tomorrow when the festival ends.

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The Northern Echo: The Ushaw site has become extremely muddyThe Ushaw site has become extremely muddy (Image: Contributor)

A new route will be made available from the opposite corner of the field to the music tents and current entrance.

A festival spokesperson said: “This road cannot be used by the festival under normal circumstances but is made available by the contingency plans in place for poor weather. “This road follows level, hardstanding roads through several private farms, re-joining main roads near Digger Land, just north of the A691 from where you can travel toward Durham or Lanchester.

“All vehicles on the lower half of the field will take this route without any need to travel uphill.

“All vehicles on the upper half of the field will travel to the metal roadway before leaving on the hardstanding roads toward the current Main Entrance.

“Both routes will be stewarded by our team to ensure everyone is aware of the best travel routes at all times.”

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Organisers have said they will make their full team of staff available on Monday and there will be three heavy plant operators and five tractor drivers to help stuck vehicles.

The spokesperson said: “In daylight, among people less likely to be intoxicated we are able to operate much more efficiently and safely, and we expect to be able to tow over 80 vehicles per hour to the tracking to be able to safely leave the site.

“Our count on main site vehicles means that we’re expecting therefore to be able to start at 7am and, even if every single vehicle had to be towed without exception, have everyone cleared in full by 4pm.”

Festival goers have told there will be no charge for being towed out.

The Northern Echo: Vehicles are being towed from the site already Vehicles are being towed from the site already (Image: Contributor)

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The Northern Echo: Stewards will be on hand to help Stewards will be on hand to help (Image: Contributor)

The spokesperson said: “We have been informed that some customers have called a local farmer to tow them out who has charged but this is not us.

“If you encounter any issues, you can assist us by popping your hazard lights on, with your engine running so that we can identify you need assistance and add you to the queue being monitored by the stewards.

“To address a rumour which has been circulating, we have not suggested that anyone “needs” to use private recovery to leave the site.

“Our plan involves every customer being able to be towed off site.”