Miss Lucy, one of the drag queens who has been around since Eazy Street first opened its doors 13 years ago, dons a feathered evening gown and sees out the popular gay bar the right way - with hours of party tunes. 

The bar's very last 'last call' was over the bank holiday weekend. Open since 2010, the gay bar has been an important part of LGBTQ nightlife in Newcastle for over a decade. 

The building, on 8-10 Westmorland Road, was previously the site of late-night gay bar Camp David.

The bar is not renewing their lease - one member of the bar staff said it was "just too expensive to consider" at the moment. 

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On the final night, the atmosphere was a little mournful - or as mournful as possible with flashing disco lights and 90s pop hits blaring on the dancefloor. 

For many of the staff, it seemed like they are not ready to let Eazy Street go. Customers were equally "devastated" by the closure.

On the door, one person tells me: "Eazy Street has always been for everyone to be themselves. The closure is going to be a real blow to the scene.

"I can't imagine what it would be like if the location was taken over by another indie bar."

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Miss Lucy, one Eazy Street's regular drag performers, was left "nearly in tears" when confirming that the venue would shut. She shared some of her favourite memories of the bar. 

She said: "The past 13 years have been amazing. I started a month after it opened and will be there when it closes its doors for the final time.

"I started there as a baby queen and the bar has moulded me into the queen I am today.

"So many acts, singing sensations, drag queens, TV and have entertained through the years."

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Miss Lucy went on to thank staff past and present as well as management. 

She added: "The biggest thank you is to all our loyal customers over the years for their continued support and friendship."

Rumours of the location's future have been swirling, with one staff member claiming that a nearby bar is set to expand into the venue- though these remain unconfirmed.