Several postcodes in the North East have won thousands of pounds in the postcode lottery over the last week (Saturday, April 1 to Thursday, April 6) – with some lucky households winning as much as £379,418.

More than 100 postcodes in the region have scooped prices after their postcodes have come out in the draw.

The People’s Postcode Lottery is a subscription lottery which aims to raise money for charities while also bringing cash prizes to homes across the UK.

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Prizes are then announced every day of the month – with £30,000 jackpots for every winning ticket in a postcode on weekends, and £1,000 prizes for 20 different postcodes every day.

Here are the North East postcodes to have scooped prizes this week (Saturday, April 1 to Thursday, April 6):

NE23 2YJ, Cramlington, Northumberland - £1,000 per ticket. 

YO26 5SA, York, North Yorkshire - £1,000 per ticket. 

ME65 8DE, Morpeth, Northumberland - £1,000 per ticket. 

TS5 7AT, Middlesbrough, Teesside - £379,418 per ticket. 

Many ticket holders in TS5 also won £12,050. The full list:

TS5 7AB, TS5 7AD, TS5 7AF, TS5 7AH, TS5 7AJ, TS5 7AL, TS5 7AN, TS5 7AQ, TS5 7AR, TS5 7AS, TS5 7AW, TS5 7AX, TS5 7AY, TS5 7AZ.

TS5 7BA, TS5 7BB, TS5 7BD, TS5 7BE, TS5 7BF, TS5 7BG, TS5 7BN, TS5 7BS, TS5 7BU, TS5 7BX, TS5 7BZ.

TS5 7DA, TS5 7DB, TS5 7DD, TS5 7DE, TS5 7DF, TS5 7DG,TS5 7DH, TS5 7DJ, TS5 7DL, TS5 7DN, TS5 7DQ, TS5 7DR, TS5 7DT, TS5 7DU, TS5 7EW, TS5 7EX.

TS5 7EA, TS5 7EB, TS5 7EE, TS5 7EF, TS5 7EG, TS5 7EH, TS5 7EL, TS5 7EN, TS5 7EP, TS5 7ER, TS5 7ES, TS5 7ET, TS5 7EU, TS5 7EW, TS5 7EX.

TS5 7HA, TS5 7HB, TS5 7HG, TS5 7HJ, TS5 7HQ, TS5 7HT, TS5 7HU, TS5 7HX, TS5 7HY, TS5 7HZ.

TS5 7JA, TS5 7JB, TS5 7JD, TS5 7JF, TS5 7JG, TS5 7JJ, TS5 7JL, TS5 7JN, TS5 7JP, TS5 7JQ, TS5 7JR, TS5 7JS, TS5 7JT, TS5 7JU, TS5 7JW.

TS5 7LA, TS5 7LB, TS5 7LD, TS5 7LE, TS5 7LF, TS5 7LH, TS5 7LL, TS5 7LN, TS5 7LP, TS5 7LQ, TS5 7LT, TS5 7LU, TS5 7LW, TS5 7LX, TS5 7LZ.

TS5 7NB, TS5 7ND, TS5 7NE, TS5 7NF, TS5 7NG, TS5 7NH, TS5 7NJ, TS5 7NL, TS5 7NN, TS5 7NS, TS5 7NT, TS5 7NU, TS5 7NW, TS5 7NX.

TS5 7PA, TS5 7PB, TS5 7PD, TS5 7PE, TS5 7PF, TS5 7PG, TS5 7PH, TS5 7PJ, TS5 7PL, TS5 7PN, TS5 7PP, TS5 7PQ, TS5 7PS, TS5 7PU, TS5 7PW, TS5 7PX.

TS5 7QA, TS5 7QB, TS5 7QD, TS5 7QE, TS5 7QH, TS5 7QJ, TS5 7QL, TS5 7QN, TS5 7QQ, TS5 7QS, TS5 7QT, TS5 7QU, TS5 7QW, TS5 7QX, TS5 7QY, TS5 7QZ.

TS5 7RB, TS5 7RD, TS5 7RE, TS5 7RL, TS5 7RN, TS5 7RP, TS5 7RQ, TS5 7RR, TS5 7RS, TS5 7RT, TS5 7RW, TS5 7RZ.

TS5 7SA, TS5 7SB, TS5 7SF, TS5 7SG, TS5 7SH, TS5 7SJ, TS5 7SL, TS5 7SP, TS5 7SQ, TS5 7SR.

TS5 7YR, TS5 7YS, TS5 7YU, TS5 7YX, TS5 7YY, TS5 7YZ.

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Players can sign up with their postcode and pay £10 per month with a chance to win when they are automatically entered into a draw.

A minimum of 33 per cent from each ticket goes to charity and players have raised more than £950 million for over 9,000 charities and good causes since 2005.