Two police officers who saved a suicidal man they spotted attempting take his own life have won a bravery award.

In September last year, PC Steven Robinson and PC Beth Gardiner were on patrol in Ward Jackson Park, Hartlepool, when they saw a man slumped on the pavement.

The officers realised that the man was trying to hang himself and immediately cut the rope and started giving him first aid until ambulance staff arrived.

PC Robinson said: “We thought maybe he’s had a good night out, had a few too many drinks. But when we got a bit closer we thought there was something more sinister.”

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When ambulance staff arrived they took control of the situation and the man survived.

PC Gardiner said: “We weren’t expecting the situation, so we just did what we could, and cut him down. Thankfully he came back around pretty quickly, but it was really daunting and scary.”

And PC Robinson continued: “All officers have got a certain level of training in first aid. But I’d like to think that, even if I was a member of the public, I’d have stopped and tried to do something. It is part of our job, though – we’re not just there to fight crime. We are there to help people, and ultimately that’s what we did that night.”

The officers will attend the first ever Cleveland Police Federation Bravery Awards on March 30.

Cleveland Police Federation Chair Stephen Williams-Reader said: “What absolutely superb lifesaving work from Steven and Beth.

“It takes a huge level of bravery to go towards incidents like this and step forward to try and save someone’s life.

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“I applaud these officers’ quick actions in identifying the man was in trouble and providing first aid until the ambulance arrived. They undoubtedly saved his life. They are total heroes. We are very proud of them.”

At the event a winner will be announced who will travel to London for the National Police Federation Bravery Awards in July.

If you are affected by this story, please call the Samaritans.